About BornBuckeye.com

Born Buckeye started back in 2006 as an idea to combine custom graphic design with a  unique name.  Basically to add some style to Buckeye gear with a name that  says being a Buckeye is a deep personal connection and part of your culture.   The following year I decided to take Born Buckeye in a new direction, in addition to the shirts I thought it would be cool to set it up as a community site.  The 2008 and 2009 seasons basically saw Born Buckeye evolve into my solo blog to the world, or at least to my sister who I am convinced is really the only one who read my blogs.  Since continuous writing did not come naturally and it was tough to keep pace with all the other great blogs out there in 2010 I went back to what I had started with to just selling shirts and hats.  Then life happened with the purchase of a home and in 2011 the birth of my daughter so Born Buckeye had to take a backseat for a while.  Now with new shirt designs my pet project now has new life in 2015.  Thank you for your support, I hope you like the shirts and that they become your favorite shirt to wear.

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