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Magnificent Seven

All Hall Broke Loose – Buckeyes 37-7 over TSUN for seven straight (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Even as I watched the games yesterday the feeling was not the same.  No Buckeye game makes for a bittersweet Saturday.  The games yesterday did provide me with some time to reflect upon the decade of dominance that culminated last weekend during the seventh straight as whopping of TSUN.  You know there is a sect of the Buckeye Nation that wants The Game to be competitive again, even Hunter from the Dispatch wrote up something to that effect the Sunday after:

“While standing on the sideline near the end of the game, a radio reporter who also is an Ohio State fan looked at me with a long face and uttered a phrase I never thought I would hear after a win over Michigan: “This is no fun.” “

I really don’t understand these people to be quite honest.  It is not like they are 18 years old and really don’t remember the Cooper years.  As far as I am concerned TSUN can remain in the bowels of suckitude forever.  One thing is for sure eve a week removed taking down a rival for the seventh straight year and nine out of the last ten is still just as sweet as it was a week ago.

The Game itself got off to a strange start with the Buckeyes going three and out a couple times in the first quarter while Nard Dog and the weenies seemed to move the ball well only to have turnovers and mistakes derail drives.  Dropped balls, fumbles, bad punts, interception plagued Rich Rod’s bunch all afternoon.  The Bullets held Nard Rob under wraps for the most part although he did end up with 105 yards rushing and 87 through the air, might have been somewhat closer than the 37-7 final beat down had he not dislocated a couple fingers on the non throwing hand put him out of action.  Taint Forcier came in and quickly pitched an interception (although should have probably been reviewed) to Howard for his contribution.  Other than the one score by Robinson early on the defense shut down the formerly prolific spread and held them to their season low in points.

The three and outs for the offense to start the game were not all to surprising as Michigan was sure to come out fired up.  It was somewhat weird that the running game struggled to get going early on.  But once Pryor hit Sanzenbacher for 39 yards up the middle the offense seemed to get on track, eventually with Barclay connecting on that drive but quickly putting up another score with Pryor hooking up with Sanzenbacher, only fitting that the Great Dane’s senior day would include a TD.  TSUN answered with a nice drive and Nard Rob going in for a score but it was quickly erased after Hall took the ensuing kickoff back to the house.  At that point it was essentially game over.  The momentum was all Buckeye, the Bullets had already begun to squeeze the life out of them, the running game got on track, and soon Nard Rob was out of commission.  The highlight of the rest of the game were Boom’s 89 yard run which should have been a 90+ yard touchdown if not for a completely absurd holding penalty.  Regardless it tied for the longest offense play in Ohio State history with a play from the 1942 National Championship team which was honored by the throwback uniforms.  Pretty cool.  Tressel also pulled a classy move with the kneel down to end the game instead of putting another score up.  Also of note (not necessarily a highlight) were the repeated unsportsmanlike conduct penalties against the Buckeyes for flashing a the “O” symbol that was on the palms of the gloves (designed and provided by Nike) after scoring.  The absurdity of the entire thing is that the officials actually inspected the gloves prior to the game.  Not to mention that I think other schools do something similar without penalty.

The rivalry will be different moving forward.  Different divisions, but still the last game of the year will still make it for a nice level of hate but will it be the same knowing that a potential conference title game is still the next week?  Of course there is also the whole “wanting TSUN to be better” point of view which I think is complete crap.  The pendulum will swing back in due time, but for now enjoy the fact that we are enjoying a golden pant age of Buckeye football and I for one want it to continue as long as possible.  Time will tell what becomes of Dick Rod.  His post game hick pseudo tirade about “being ticked and singing kumbaya” coupled with his dork indie music playing sob fest at the awards banquet I don’t see helping him.  A bowl win might, but already all the Michigan faithful are clamoring for Harbaugh as the savior.  I am not sure if that is realistic, Harbaugh already did not attend the banquet to honor his 1985 team, is from Palo Alto, and might want to go pro.  Even if he does come back – are they awesome right away?  No.  They have a team full of Rich Rod style guys, if Brandon cans him now the past three years were an experiment gone wrong and it will take at least a year of suffering to start down a different path.  The best part of this whole thing is that they are going through it – not us.  The entire Buckeye Nation should be incredibly thankful to have Tressel at the helm, he gets The Game and has made good on his words from 2001 – we are proud of our team on the field against TSUN.

Now we await the final BCS decision, which most likely has us headed to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas.

Let the Buckeyes vs. SEC talk begin.