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Born Buckeye 2.0

bornbuckeye2.0Welcome to the future…….

Change is inevitable, change is constant and also change is good.  If you are a returning visitor to this site you probably notice that it looks much different than it did a few months ago.  You are now looking at the new and improved Born Buckeye – version 2.0 if you will.

You see Born Buckeye is an idea that has been in my head for some time now in a variety of different forms.  The domain was purchased back in 2004 but I didn’t do anything with it until 2006 when after trying to walk into a bar in San Diego where I live with a normal Ohio State t shirt on (the 2002 National Championship shirt actually) and was not let in because it was too “sports logo-y”.  I thought – this is lame – why isn’t there a decent looking shirt which also enables me to represent my team.  So I got fired up enough to work with a graphic designer friend to put together some custom artwork that was different than the normal fan gear – something that could pass for a designer graphic using the name Born Buckeye.  Basically to add some style to Buckeye gear with a name that  says more “I am a Buckeye fan” – I am Born Buckeye – it is part of my culture and intertwined with my life.  I even tried to get tOSU to license my gear but they thought the artwork was “too gothic” and the fact that they were made out of a hemp/cotton blend was no bueno to them I guess.  Whatever – even though Buckeye Corner now carries “graphic tees” with similar graphics and there are other hemp tOSU products out there.  I decided to stick it to the man and trademark the term (which I now own bitches) and market my own shirts.

At this point the site itself was no more than a place to buy shirts.  Things went okay considering that I live in California and was trying to market shirts to Buckeye fans with a very limited budget – which let’s face it the vast majority live in the O-H.  Then as any Buckeye fan can tell you about 2006 – first the desert was unkind to us in football and then the kick in the balls continued with the hoops team being on the losing end once again on the championship stage.  Not so good for a fledging apparel business.

Undaunted – 2007 rolled around and I felt like the site needed to change to be something more.  I set it up as an online community for Buckeye fans – thinking it could become something similar to MySpace or Facebook.  In the end it was crazy to think that you can compete with the big dogs not to mention the plethora of already established forums and blogs out there such as Eleven Warriors (amazing blog) and Buckeye Planet (insanely devoted fan forum).  The 2008 and 2009 seasons basically saw Born Buckeye evolve into my solo blog to the world, or at least to my little sister who I am convinced is really the only one who reads my blogs (Thanks Julie!).  I think most of this was due to the fact that the software I was using did not allow any user to view the blog content, you had to login – which was lame.

So later last season I decided that I would move the site to a new setup where the content was more open and available to any public user.  Sure – this means that just anyone will be able to read all my blogs but that is the point.  Not that I am some type of awesome writer such as this, or this, or this – but the basic concept behind the new Born Buckeye was to combine both the community aspect and the blog aspect – combining the two things that I really like to spend time doing – communicating with and reading blogs about Buckeye sports.  You see it is like this – most blogs out there let you comment on other blogs but not blog yourself.  Forums are okay but too often they just turn into a few words, one liners or maybe even a sentence or two.  I personally think that every fan has at least one good blog in them.  I say good blog simply because an all caps sentence tirade against a player or coach does not constitute a blog.  It is a well thought out point, counterpoint, opinion, question, or argument that is something that comes from an individual educated on and emotionally attached to a specific subject matter.

You see here is the thing – I can still watch Sportscenter – but the articles on (other than Bill Simmons – dude is hilarious),, etc. are really lame, front running crap.  When it comes to finding good analysis and writing about Buckeye sports I always find it at places like Eleven Warriors, OurHonorDefend, Men of Scarlet and Gray, ClubTrillion, and  other tOSU blogs.  Meaning that fans can write about their teams better than some “writer” who is considered an expert.  So the new direction of Born Buckeye is to become the social blogosphere for the Buckeyes (and sell a lot more t-shirts and hats in the process).  That is right – now any fan can join Born Buckeye and either setup their own blog or blog as part of  But keep in mind that the admin of this site is a diehard Buckeye fan and posts will be reviewed and edited.  Not to say that I am against constructive criticism, and I have no issue with fans calling out players or coaches – but do it with some class and intelligence.   And now you can login by using Facebook connect so you do not have to sign up through the site.  If you don’t want to blog – you are welcome to read blogs, view videos and pictures as well as comment.

So come one and come all – rant, rave, vent and celebrate all of the things that makes being a fan of The Best Damn Team In The Land so amazing.  Welcome to the future of Born Buckeye.