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Turner Takes Tumble

Not easily replaced.......AP T Gilliam

Not easily replaced…….AP T Gilliam

It took few weeks for something to happen with the basketball team to inspire me to blog. I didn’t feel it necessary to restate the obvious that Turner was awesome for having two triple doubles adding to only other TD in school history that was from Clark Kellogg (hard to believe) and that outside of him blowing up the rest of the team was very hot and cold – looking amazing when Diebs is hitting buckets but exposed with the undersized front and lack of depth on the bench against the better competition like Carolina. I almost wanted to write something about Walter Offutt leaving the program but as much of a loss as I thought that was from an talent standpoint and the literary history component from one of the best entries in Club Trillion – it wasn’t like he was getting minutes so it really was not that surprising. Then there was the ACC challenge win for the Buckeyes against the respectable Seminoles and the first ever for the Big Ten in the series – which was nice. But then Saturday when every Buckeye fan’s worst fear happened as Turner took a nasty looking fall early in the game and even though he walked off the court to the locker room he was eventually taken to the OSU Medical Center for precautionary x-rays on his lower back. And now the reality is that we are looking at eight weeks sans Villain.

It was one of those falls where everyone in the arena goes quiet and if you are watching at home you are glued bug eyed to the screen. As Turner lay writhing on the ground they showed the replay a zillion times and it didn’t look like a dirty foul from the Eagle player whatsoever but when going up to finish a dunk strong with both hands his feet went out from under him and he landed squarely on this upper back from about six feet in the air. I think I even heard him say F*** several times in the background noise of the camera. Watching him walking off under his own power was a good thing, but as it turns out he is going to be out eight weeks with a fracture to his lumbar vertebrae and who knows what type of shape he will be in when he gets back. I just hope he does get better – the guy has been playing lights out all season and he a long career on the court ahead of him if he can get back to the level that he was playing at on Saturday.

Obviously the entire Buckeye Nation is most concerned with his well being, but outside of that it is tough to imagine what this means to the team’s season. Turner was basically Mr. Everything (not to mention a class act dude who has been through alot) and no disrespect to the rest of the team but outside of him we really do not have a truly stand out player. Even though they responded with a 50 point beat down of Eastern Michigan after the injury with Diebler on fire from outside, Buford finally finding his game (even smiling at one point) and PJ Hill blowing up – I find it hard to believe that two months without Turner is going to turn out well. You don’t just lose your team’s leader in points, rebounds and assists and keep humming along through the start of conference play. It will be interesting to see how Matta plays this one, the good news is that with finals there isn’t another game until Saturday and conference play does not start until December 31 so that buys a little time to figure things out. Lighty will have to step up big and let’s all hope that Diebler and Hill can keep filling it up. Other than that – all we can do is pray Mark “The Shark” Titus starts to hit buckets as well as he blogs.

Here is to the kick in the balls that basketball season has become. Good thing Matta 2011 recruiting class got another boost with Scott signing. Amazing how he lands talent.

Oh yeah – former Buckeye Greg Oden is out for the season (again) too. Damn.